orbit-bottle-rinserWith 5 models to choose from, the Orbit can handle your container and bottle cleaning needs. Air cleaning, liquid rinsing, steam rinsing or gas flushing is performed through a direct tube, injected inside each container or vial. mMultiple revolutions and a duplex rotor have been designed for your complex cleaning requirements and vial washing capabilities.

Dimensions Model 100 200-220
a. Diameter 36-84" 36-84"
b. Drum & Frame length 25" 25-48"
c. Timing Screw Length n/a 13-34"
d. Length Height customer conveyor height



•Model 100:up to 100 cpm
•Model 200:up to 200 cpm
•Model 220:up to 300 cpm

Actual speeds determined upon examination of samples and type of cleaning required.


•type 304 or 316 stainless steel and fda-approved plastics.

Drive Motor:

•1/2 hp (.37kw); 230/460/3/60
•variable speed drive

Air Consumption:

•typical 20 cfm (9.4 liters/sec.) at 30 psi (2atm).
•dependent upon bottle size and speed.


•variable frequency drive
•4-Belt Unscrambler
•outside container rinsing
•changeover jib crane
•photo controls unit
•discharge stabilizer belt
•external rinsing

Air Options Only:

•regenerative blower
•ionized air rinsing
•dust collector