Orbit Bottle Cleaner/Rinser

With five unique models to choose from, there is an ORBIT for every container and bottle cleaning need. The ORBIT's design allows it to mount over your existing conveyor, leaving a small footprint and a more simple integration into the existing line. Direct tube injection of air, liquid, steam or gas is utilized to thoroughly clean the inside of the bottle.



Model 100

Model 200

a. Diameter 36-84" 36-84"
b. Drum & Frame length 25" 25-48"
c. Timing Screw Length n/a 13-34"

*Conveyor height is based upon customer's specifications.


  • Model 100: up to 100 cpm
  • Model 200: up to 200 cpm


*Actual speeds determined upon examination of samples and type of cleaning required.


  • Type 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • FDA approved plastics

Standard Features

  • Allen Bradley electrical components
  • Infeed and Discharge Bolt Down Guards
  • Infeed and Discharge Photo Units
  • 5 micron and .01 micron air filter assembly with regulator and solenoid
  • NEMA 4 Electrical
  • Direct Rinse Tube Injection (for bottles)
  • Stationary Nozzles (for jars)
  • Machine mounts over the existing conveyor

Options for Air or Water

  • Stainless Steel Package
  • Powerflex #525
  • 4-Belt Unscrambler
  • Outside container rinsing
  • Hoist for change over
  • Infeed and Discharge Photo Units

Air Options Only

  • Regenerative blower
  • Ionized air rinsing
  • Dust collector
  • Vacuum Pressure Loss Switch
  • Air Pressure Loss Switch

Air Consumption

  • Typical 20 cfm (9.4 liters/sec.) at 30 psi (2atm)
  • Dependent upon bottle size and speed