High speed cleaning/rinsing demands stable container handling. The HS-600 has been designed to handle heavier/larger containers or speeds up to 600 cpm. The HS-600 is designed to clean empty containers utilizing air, water, sanitizing medium, or a combination of both. Enjoy positive container handling with built-in infeed/discharge conveyors and soft rubber gripper belting. No change parts and a low profile makes the HS-300 the ideal cleaner/rinser of today's marketplace.

hs-600 gripper

Dimensions HS-300 HS-600
a. width 29-31" 40-42"
b. length 8-15' 10-20'
c. height 12-16" 12-16"
customer conveyor height



  • air cleaner/water rinser
  • no change parts
  • positive transfers
  • built-in conveyors
  • low profile design
  • stainless steel construction
  • full visibility

•ac vfd speed control
•infeed and discharge photos

Air options only:

•regenerative blower
•ionized air rinsing
•dust collector