HS-300 Gripper

The HS-300 High Speed Gripper Bottle Cleaner is designed to clean small/light containers at speeds of up to 400 c.p.m. (for a standard 8 oz bottle). Speeds will vary depending on the size of the bottle. The HS-300 cleans empty containers utilizing air, water, sanitizer, or any combination of the three. This machine requires no change parts, and changeover takes less than 3 minutes.



Dimensions HS-300
Width 29-31"
Length 8-15'
Height 12-16"
Length Height Customer Conveyor Height



  • Infeed & discharge conveyors with their own speed control for fine tuning
  • 2-Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
  • 5 and .01 micron air filter assembly with regulator
  • Allen Bradley electrical components
  • All motors inverted rated duty
  • Jam overload shock relays
  • Stainless steel catch basins under top motors and reducers
  • 2-Emergency stops
  • Door interlocks
  • Infeed and discharge photo units
  • Oil impregnated plastic track
  • Cluster lube for all bearings
  • Siko Digital Counter for quick and accurate Gripper size changes
  • Type 304 stainless steel and approved plastic construction
  • No change parts, bottle size changes takes less than 3 minutes
  • Low profile with a cabinet height of only 50" on most applications
  • Lexan top enclosure for full visibility of infeed and discharge

Water Options Only

  • Water pressure loss switch
  • Powerflex #525 with ethernet
  • Top center interlocked enclosure

Air Options Only

  • Regenerative blower
  • Air ionizing kit
  • Torit dust collector
  • Air pressure loss switch
  • Vacuum Pressure loss switch
  • Powerflex #525 with ethernet
  • SS package
  • Top center interlocked enclosure