Exterior Vial Washer/Dryer

The Exterior Vial Washer/Dryer will wash, rinse and dry the exterior of filled and capped vials/ampoules. The entire exterior of each vial is exposed for cleaning as it passes through our patented "Zig-Zag" guide pattern. A low-pressure wash and rinse are used to keep the cap area dry. The option of multiple passes (1 to 10) including choice of rinse sequence makes the Exterior Vial Washer/Dryer the most versatile in the industry. Capable of reaching speeds of 150vpm-500vpm (depending on vial size), this machine is the perfect addition to any pharmaceutical line.

To learn more, view our Exterior Vial Washer/Dryer Brochure

Single Pass


Model 40
Width  (a)  24“
Length  (b)  6-10‘
Speed   (c)  up to 100+ vpm (based on vial size)


  • No change parts
  • Compact
  • Split conveyors
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Low profile design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Full visibility

Multiple Pass


Model Width(a) Speed
4 pass 24" 48" up to 150vpm
6 pass 32" 48" up to 250vpm
8 pass 43" 58" up to 350vpm
10 pass 54" 68" up to 500vpm


  • Multiple rinse/dry passes
  • "Bone" dry vials
  • Cascade rinse liquids
  • Vial bottom rinsing and drying
  • Optional infeed and discharge disk
Made In USA