Bottle Duster

With 4 models to choose from, our Bottle Dusters are designed to clean the tops, bottoms, sides and rims of bottles, cans and containers. Each model of Bottle Duster utilizes ionized compressed air, brushing, spinning, and vacuuming to quickly and effectively remove dust, powder and debris. This machine has tool-less changeovers for different size containers and can reach speeds of up to 400cpm. Speed will vary depending on container shape. If you're looking to deliver spotless product to your customers, then look no further than our one of a kind Bottle Dusters.

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Model 22
Cleans the sides of containers. Ideal for the filling line with labeling or dirty case packing due to product spills or static cling.

Model  23
Cleans powder and dust from the bottom as well as the tops and sides of bottles, cans and containers.

Model  24
Cleans the sides of rectangular and square containers.

Model  25
Rim duster cleans opening rim of containers before application of tamper evident seal.

Made In USA